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ChangeUp is about strengthening the support and assistance available to voluntary and community organisations.

The ChangeUp framework was developed in partnership with the voluntary and community sector and focuses on improving capacity building and infrastructure within the sector.

The ChangeUp programme is managed by Capacitybuilders, an agency at arms length to government, led by a board of sector experts.

Hub - GalaxyHubs of expertise have been established nationally, linked to six key voluntary and community sector infrastructure themes:

• Finance   shim • Governance   shim • ICT   shim • Performance   shim • Volunteering   shim • Workforce  

These are partnerships of VCS organisations aiming to improve quality, efficiency, coherence and strategic development. The Hubs provide a gateway through which organisations can access the full range of support and development services.

News from Around the Hubs

Humber BridgeRegional programmes have implemented the ChangeUp investment from its outset, managed through the nine Government Offices in England.

These have devolved the management of aspects of the programme to various local VCS agencies.

Sub-regional consortia of VCS organisations have developed infrastructure investment plans to address gaps in infrastructure provision and undertaken projects to meet them, funded by ChangeUp after a bidding and review process.

DocumentsDocumentation related to the ChangeUp programme can be downloaded from this site. The list of documents can be searched with the Documents Finder.

Infrastructure Investment Plans can be downloaded separately. These are listed by region or their titles can be searched through.

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