Introducing the EVDC

The England Volunteering Development Council is a high-level representative and advocacy mechanism for volunteering. It engages both with government and opposition parties in order to capture the collective intelligence of volunteer-involving organisations, volunteering infrastructure providers and of volunteers to provide a powerful, coordinated lobby to steer government policy and community action.

There are ten bodies of the council in total: a national body and nine regional bodies, one in each Government Office region of England.

Vacancies for Chairs of the regional EVDC's

Eight of the nine regional bodies of the England Volunteering Development Council are seeking to appoint independent Chairs. For more information about these roles, please follow the link below.

Interested in joining the England Volunteering Development Council?

If your organisation would like to get involved in the EVDC network, please contact the Secretariat team as follows:

Useful links

Map of interrelationships

To find out how the EVDC links to Volunteering England, the Volunteering Hub and funding bodies, take a look at the map below.

EVDC submission to the Treasury Third Sector Review

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Commission on the Future of Volunteering

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