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Destination 2014

The Destination 2014 document is a strategic framework reflecting a new way forward for the ChangeUp programme. The draft document received feedback from widespread consultation with the voluntary and community sector. After reformulation it was launched on 3 July at Capacitybuilders Annual Conference. This page follows the progress of Destination 2014.

Destination 2014 ChangeUp Delivery Strategy

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Capacitybuilders launched Destination 2014 at its inaugural annual conference in Birmingham on July 3rd.  This strategy for the delivery of ChangeUp is the result of the consultation programme which ran from December 2006 to March 2007.

The new Destination 2014 document takes full account of the views expressed during the consultation process and is designed to indicate the way forward for Capacitybuilders in relation to the ChangeUp programme as a whole. 

Destination 2014 outlines how Capacitybuilders will achieve its mission, and how that in turn will help create a more effective third sector – delivering a better quality of life for individuals and communities.

An overview of the Destination 2014 strategy can be seen in the presentation by Chief Executive Simon Hebditch to the Capacitybuilders Annual Conference:

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The 'Consultation and Context' document serves as a companion to 'Destination 2014'. It covers the sectors’ response to the consultation; places the work of Capacitybuilders in context; and shows how the strategy will affect frontline organisations, support providers, government and other funders.

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Destination 2014 - Consultation Feedback

515 people attended the ten regional consultation events, plus over 50 at other related meetings and 200 at the launch event on 7th December 2006.

Capacitybuilders received written responses (blogs, questionnaires, letters and detailed submissions) from 134 people and organisations, including over 30 that came from wider consultations respondents’ carried out with their own members and partners.

The comments received throughout the consultation were very thoughtful and constructive, with support for Capacitybuilders as well as friendly challenges - and some robust criticism - just as one would value from the sector.

Many people suggested improvements and additions to the plans, along with highlighting a lack of clarity on some aspects of the emerging strategy. Many comments resonated with Capacitybuilders own thinking, which is encouraging.

Capacitybuilders website provides feedback on the main themes from the consultation process:

  • Targets and Key Performance Indicators
  • Consortia working
  • Equalities and Diversity
  • National Support Services

Specific documents are available covering consultation feedback from the regions.


Logo ArrowCapacitybuilders listens to the sector: Destination 2014

The consultation process on Destination 2014, which closed at the end of March, has ensured that a wide range of voices from across the sector have had their say, feeding into the development of the strategic framework, which aims to identify the priorities Capacitybuilders should adopt to meet its vision and achieve its strategic objectives by 2014.

At the launch of the consultation on the 7 December 2006, Capacitybuilders’ Chair, Chris Pond stressed that “the objectives and targets set out in the document are carved in polystyrene and not in stone” and since December a range of communication channels have been open for people to feed into the consultation in a way that suits them:

A series of 10 regional consultation events have been welcomed and well attended by over 750 delegates from across the sector. The events included interactive workshops for attendees to discuss and feedback on key themes within Destination 2014. Lunchtime sessions with ‘talking walls’ also provided an accessible way for people to feed in comments on the future provision and requirements for National Support Services – currently delivered by the National Hubs.

Many more comments have been fed into the consultation through the dedicated ‘Blog’ site – - and email and postal responses have also been very active. Simon Hebditch commented; “The response has been terrific, I would like to thank everyone that has taken the time and trouble to get involved in the consultation. It has been a really valuable experience and we have been encouraged that there is wide support for what Destination 2014 is setting out to achieve. Our job will now be to take the feedback and shape it into a shared document that accurately reflects the needs of the sector ”

Next Steps : Destination 2014

During April and May, Capacitybuilders will ‘unpack’ all of the comments and feedback from the Destination 2014 consultation, and through a series of internal workshops looking at the key consultation themes, it will shape the revised strategic framework.

In June Capacitybuilders will aim to feed back, to everyone that has been involved in the consultation process, the main themes that have been identified and explain why the revised document has taken the shape that it has. This revised ‘Destination 2014’ document will then be launched at Capacitybuilders’ Annual Conference on 3rd July at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham.

Next Steps : National Support Services

The National Hubs were reviewed last autumn and Capacitybuilders agreed to offer future national support services to the sector on the assumption that this was endorsed through the consultation exercise. It was also decided that the role of main contractor for any future services would be re-tendered.

Feedback from the consultations will of course be taken into account and if sufficient endorsement for the idea is secured then Capacitybuilders aim to be in a position to tender for these services over the spring / summer period.

The specification for any proposed national support services will go out for a separate consultation and draw on expertise from various sources.

Simon Hebditch commented; “To be clear, Capacitybuilders could come to the conclusion that National Support Services are not required beyond March 2008, in which case the tender programme would be cancelled. We are at the stage where nothing has been finalised and all options are currently under consideration.”

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Logo ArrowCapacitybuilders Launches Destination 2014

The consultation on the document 'Destination 2014' was launched at the Capacitybuilders Vision into Action event on 7 December 2006 held at the RAF Museum in London. The event was attended by over 180 delegates from the voluntary and community sector. Minister for the Third Sector, Ed Miliband was in attendance as keynote speaker, along with Capacitybuilders Chair, Chris Pond and Chief Executive, Simon Hebditch. The meeting itself was chaired by Catherine Johnstone from RAISE, who facilitated an informative question and answer session from delegates.

Capacitybuilders sought to listen to the views of the sector and encourage involvement in a number of ways, including through a series of regional consultation events.

Destination 2014 - Regional Consultation Events:
The consultation ran until the end of March 2007. Regional consultation events were organised for ChangeUp Consortia, other infrastructure organisations and other organisations with an interest in capacity building, for the sector to feed in their views.



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