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Logo ArrowDestination 2014 ChangeUp Delivery Strategy

pointer Destination 2014 (Jul 2007) acrobat icon 718k

Capacitybuilders launched Destination 2014 at its inaugural annual conference in Birmingham on July 3rd.  This strategy for the delivery of ChangeUp is the result of the consultation programme which ran from December 2006 to March 2007.

The new Destination 2014 document takes full account of the views expressed during the consultation process and is designed to indicate the way forward for Capacitybuilders in relation to the ChangeUp programme as a whole. 

Destination 2014 outlines how Capacitybuilders will achieve its mission, and how that in turn will help create a more effective third sector – delivering a better quality of life for individuals and communities.

An overview of the Destination 2014 strategy can be seen in the presentation by Chief Executive Simon Hebditch to the Capacitybuilders Annual Conference:

pointer Capacitybuilders Annual Conference 2007 (Jul 2007) acrobat icon 400k

The 'Consultation and Context' document serves as a companion to 'Destination 2014'. It covers the sectors’ response to the consultation; places the work of Capacitybuilders in context; and shows how the strategy will affect frontline organisations, support providers, government and other funders.

pointer Destination 2014 - Consultation and Context (Jul 2007) acrobat icon 889k


Logo ArrowCapacitybuilders New Logo

Following consultation feedback Capacitybuilders have created a new logo that is easier to read and to use in print.

All organisations in receipt of Capacitybuilders / ChangeUp funding, should use the new combined 'ChangeUp | Capacitybuilders Funded' logo on all publicity materials. 

Capacitybuilders - ChnageUp Logo

Guidance on how to use the branding is available on the Capacitybuilders website.


Logo ArrowCapacitybuilders Director of Strategy and Policy

Jon Fox joins Capacitybuilders as Director of Strategy and Policy. This new post is the result of an organisational review and will act in support of policy development and programmes at Capacitybuilders, including providing leadership and support to the regional team on their work priorities.

Fox commented on his appointment: “I am delighted to be joining Capacitybuilders in this new role and to be working with third sector partners as well as the public sector to ensure that the ChangeUp programme has real focus and impact in support of organisations working in communities across England.”

One of Fox’s first tasks will be to work with Capacitybuilders’ senior management team on the implementation of Destination 2014 – the strategy for the delivery of ChangeUp.


Logo ArrowNational Support Services Draft Framework 2008-11

The draft framework paper on the National Support Services under ChangeUp is a culmination of the general consultations conducted through Destination 2014 during December 2006 to March 2007 and also draws on the Hubs Review of 2006.

The framework recommends four support themes of Finance, Performance, Workforce and Voice. Each would have a 'strategic lead' organisation coordinating the programmes, under the overall strategic leadership of Capacitybuilders. Within strategic themes, specific projects would be delivered by 'programme lead' organisations.

The suggested programme areas include for example: in Finance - fundraising, business planning, public service delivery; in Performance - quality assurance, strategic planning, ICT, mergers and alliances; in Workforce - governance, volunteer management, employment policies; in Voice - campaigning, user involvement, advocacy, community action.

A single gateway is proposed to information, advice and sign-posting for both infrastructure organisations and frontline third sector organisations.

From mid July to mid September there will be a process of identifying organisations capable of managing the strategic themes, and of gathering expressions of interest for the delivery of specific programmes. A further stage from October to December will involve detailed negotiations to determine specific 3-year business plans and delivery programmes.

The draft framework paper is principally being circulated to the Infrastructure National Partnership, Capacitybuilders formal advisory committee, and other specific organisations with a particular interest in helping to shape the future services.

If you would like to express your views about the framework paper, please contact Peter Williams, Acting Strategy and Policy Co-ordinator by email: - deadline for responses is Monday 2 July.

pointer Draft Framework for National Support Services 2008/11 (Jun 2007) acrobat icon 141k


Logo ArrowChangeUp Evaluation Scoping - Team Appointed

Capacitybuilders have appointed a team of experts to scope out the evaluation of ChangeUp. Following a competitive tender exercise the appointed team brings together the Sheffield based COGS consultancy, the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University and the Cities Research Centre at the University of the West of England.

The initial scoping phase of the evaluation will consist of four main strands:

1) Mapping and analysing existing information about changes in infrastructure support and the impact on front line organisations.

2) Developing and testing the methodology for the evaluation of ChangeUp.

3) Setting up systems to communicate ChangeUp achievements and share information and learning.

4) Planning the main evaluation.

From January 2008, Capacitybuilders will operate an ongoing main evaluation process for ChangeUp, with a focus on the impact that investment in support organisations and networks has had on front line organisations.

pointer Scoping Evaluation of ChangeUp (Jun 2007) acrobat icon 21k


Logo ArrowCase Studies to Demonstrate the Benefits of ChangeUp

Capacitybuilders are developing a database of case studies for marketing and PR purposes and seek to identify organisations and projects that are interested in helping to showcase how infrastructure investment is making a difference across the UK.

They seek to demonstrate real frontline benefits and change, supported by quotes, statistical information and photography where applicable. They are also looking for instances where there is an ongoing narrative so that the full story can be told over time.

If you are in receipt of ChangeUp funding and are interested in getting involved or would like to recommend another organisations or project that could be approached, please take a few minutes to complete the quick Case Study Data Collection Form


Logo ArrowDestination 2014 - Consultation Feedback

The consultation process on Destination 2014, which closed at the end of March ensured that a wide range of voices from across the sector had their say, feeding into the development of the strategic framework, which aims to identify the priorities Capacitybuilders should adopt to meet its vision and achieve its strategic objectives by 2014.

515 people attended the ten regional consultation events, plus over 50 at other related meetings and 200 at the launch event on 7th December 2006.

Capacitybuilders received written responses (blogs, questionnaires, letters and detailed submissions) from 134 people and organisations, including over 30 that came from wider consultations that respondents carried out with their own members and partners.

The comments received throughout the consultation were very thoughtful and constructive, with support for Capacitybuilders as well as friendly challenges - and some robust criticism - just as one would value from the sector.

Many people suggested improvements and additions to the plans, along with highlighting a lack of clarity on some aspects of the emerging strategy. Many comments resonated with Capacitybuilders own thinking, which is encouraging.

Capacitybuilders website provides feedback on the main themes from the consultation process:

  • Targets and Key Performance Indicators
  • Consortia working
  • Equalities and Diversity
  • National Support Services

Specific documents are available covering consultation feedback from the regions.


Logo ArrowReview of the ChangeUp Consortium Model

This review ran from April 2 to June 29, led by InAuriga Consultants, a team of external consultants commissioned by Capacitybuilders.

The approach for the review includes analysis of available data on the consortia, including that from the Destination 2014 consultation, and building on the Good Foundations work carried out last year. There will be stakeholder interviews with 20 selected consortia including four workshops.

In August 2007 Capacitybuilders will publish guidance on the funding policy for support for regional, sub regional and local infrastructure improvement for 2008-11.


Logo ArrowThe Review of the National Hubs: Programme for Change

Following the National Hubs Review, the Capacitybuilders Board has committed itself to a programme of change in the future delivery of national support services to the voluntary and community sector and social enterprises:

pointer National Hubs Review - Programme for Change - Board Decision acrobat icon 39k

pointer National Hubs Review - Programme for Change - Press and Stakeholder Statement acrobat icon 30k

Capacitybuilders will take a greater strategic leadership role in pursuing all elements of the ChangeUp programme and an increased role as a direct commissioner of national services.

Chief Executive Simon Hebditch commented: “We all recognise the central importance of providing national support services to the voluntary and community sector and the social enterprise movement around the country. The Board has rightly commended the national hub staff for their commitment and work up to date.

Capacitybuilders will be directly commissioning organisations next Spring to take responsibility for delivering essential national services to the sector. We will be consulting the sector between January and March 2007 on the future priorities for national support and will be opening up a major commissioning exercise in May 2007 to ensure that these programmes are taken forward effectively over the years to come.

But change starts now. Capacitybuilders will be introducing new ways of working from the next financial year - ensuring effective cross hub work and improved communications, the adoption of a common accounting framework, common evaluation systems and a renewed focus on investing in the infrastructure of the sector. Most importantly, we will be making sure that the plans and programmes of the ChangeUp consortia across England relates closely to the provision of national support services.”


The Durning Report recommendations from the National Hubs Review are re-produced in the document below:

pointer National Hubs Review - Stakeholder Statement acrobat icon 32k

The full report, associated annex’s and working documents can be found in the documents finder.



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