Funding Programmes

This is a list of funding allocations since Capacitybuilders took over management of the ChangeUp programme in April 2006.

Consortia Projects Programme

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The Consortia Projects Programme for 2006-2008 aims to make funding available to ChangeUp consortia around the country, to support the projects they consider a priority for encouraging the modernisation of infrastructure provision in terms of its sustainability, quality and reach.

Its main aim is to help infrastructure organisations improve their support for frontline voluntary and community organisations through, for example, development of ICT, good governance, recruitment and HR policies, financing and planning.

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Consortia Development Fund

First announced in the Destination 2014 strategy launch in December 2006, the Consortia Development Fund is a national £7m package of support for consortia to develop in the financial year from 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2008.

The fund is in line with Capacitybuilders high level aim that by March 2008 each region will have the necessary evidence base and structures to ‘look outwards’ and negotiate and collaborate with other partners to deliver high quality infrastructure services to front line VCS organisations.

The Consortia Development Fund is not about funding the development of individual organisations or the delivery of specific projects; it is about Capacitybuilders bringing national consistency to the delivery aspects of ChangeUp so that consortia nationally can demonstrate that they are fit for purpose by achieving four prescribed strands:

  • Development of consortia against benchmarks
  • Region-wide consortia collaboration
  • Strategic planning to 2014
  • Business planning for 2008-2011

The Consortia Development Fund is a ‘closed’ programme and is only available to existing consortia who have already been contacted by Capacitybuilders.

Assessments take place in two or three phases between May and September 2007. The revised date for completion of the Infrastructure Business Plan and Infrastructure Development Strategy is December 2007.

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Improving Reach: Capacity Building of Marginalised Groups

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In August 2006 Capacitybuilders announced details of the Improving Reach programme, which aims to build the capacity of infrastructure for a range of marginalised groups.

The pilot programme runs until March 2008. After an evaluation it is hoped to extend the scope of the programme and build on its success in future years.

The Improving Reach programme seeks to improve access to capacity building and support for a range of frontline groups / organisations that may not have been reached in previous ChangeUp programmes.

In particular the programme is aimed at :

  • Black and minority ethnic groups
  • Refugee and migrant groups
  • Faith groups
  • Isolated rural groups

Improving Reach has been opened to all eligible organisations and not restricted to existing ChangeUp consortia, in recognition of the barriers to participation which may have limited active involvement in ChangeUp by some organisations.

Awards will be made across England from an initial allocation of £6M.

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Community Asset Programme

Capacitybuilders have announced details of a new grant to support the Development Trusts Association (DTA) Community Asset Programme. The one year programme of work aims to promote awareness and increase the knowledge and skills of community based asset development amongst both frontline community organisations, Third Sector support agencies, and their local authority partners. The focus of Capacitybuilders’ funds will be on enabling community organisations, through appropriate infrastructure, to increase their knowledge, understanding and confidence in the community assets agenda.