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The Governance Hub is a partnership of organisations who provide services and resources to improve the quality of governance in the voluntary and community sector. All their initiatives respond to specific identified needs and build on existing work. The Head of Hub and Administrator are based at NCVO, which is the accountable body.

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The document Reducing the Risks: A Guide to Trustee Liabilities provides unambiguous advice on the liabilities of trusteeship based on qualitative research and analysis commissioned by the Governance Hub. The research highlighted the need to raise awareness about the reality of risks and to signpost existing resources available to trustees on a wide range of issues, including the broad legal framework around liabilities. The Guide is aimed primarily at trustees of small and medium sized organisations, as well as support staff and advisers.

Working in an advisory partnership with the Social Enterprise Coalition, the Governance Hub has commissioned research into the governance support needs and perceptions of social enterprises, in order to inform its own work and future planning and explore the distinctive governance needs and perspectives of this strongly growing part of the third sector.

The A-Z of Good Governance pack of 26 cards includes simple, illustrated explanations of some of the terms used in governance. The cards also include questions or exercises aimed at helping organisations reflect on how their board operates. It can be downloaded for free from the Hub website or bought in print for £5 (0800 652 4886,

In January 2007, the Governance Hub are launching Get On Board - a public campaign to raise awareness of trusteeship and recruit more trustees in the voluntary and community sector. If you currently have a vacancy for a trustee, you can benefit by registering your opportunity now on in readiness for the campaign.

Learning to Drive is a new e-learning service for trustees and others interested in developing their knowledge and skills in governance. It provides unique access to a comprehensive and integrated modular learning programme, covering everything from the basic roles and responsibilities of trustees, to more complex matters of employment and charity law. For further information contact Robin Hodgkinson: or Tel 01473 275194.

Boards Count is a new scheme to share governance practice between voluntary and community organisations. The Governance Hub is providing bursaries to enable small groups to take part. The information, compiled in tailored reports, will help an organisation understand how it compares with its peers, pinpoint strengths and areas for development, formulate strategies for development and link to other participants to share good practice. To register your interest, please visit

At organisations can take a quick health check on their governance by answering 7 multiple choice questions to establish a benchmark.

Introduction to the Governance Hub

Boardroom tableThe Governance Hub provides services and resources to assist individual trustees, boards, governance support workers and others concerned or engaged with governance in the voluntary and community sector in England.

It also develops public campaigns to raise the profile of trusteeship and governance and explain its value, and draw new people into involvement.  A key focus of the Hub is on strengthening the governance of medium sized and smaller organisations, and working with a full range of organisations including BME, faith based, youth, disability, rural and social enterprise organisations, and local infrastructure organisations.

The audiences for the hub’s work therefore include voluntary and community organisations of every size, individual trustees and boards, governance support workers including development workers and training officers based in infrastructure organisations, funders and governmental organisations, consultants and other providers of governance related services, and the general public as potential trustees.

Main Aims of the Governance Hub

Governance definitionThe overall aim of the hub is to lead and facilitate initiatives that catalyse a significant improvement in the quality of governance of voluntary and community organisations in England at national, regional and local level. All the initiatives respond to specific needs identified in the sector, in ChangeUp and in other previous research, and build on existing work.

Primary objectives

  • To increase the supply of trustees and board members from within VCOs and from outside the sector and especially from diverse communities
  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of trustees and board members
  • To increase the governance capacity of organisations to deliver their missions.

How the aims are delivered

To deliver these objectives, the Hub has developed 4 programmes of work:

  1. Marketing, communications, campaigns and promotion of trusteeship and good governance.
  2. Trustee and board learning and development.
  3. Strengthening and extending support services.
  4. Funding governance

The hub works at national level and in partnership with regional, sub-regional and local partners to deliver a range of projects, including the following:

  • Activities to promote governance as a worthwhile and important activity
  • Building a portal for trustee recruitment websites and services
  • Providing up to date and accessible advice on issues such as trustee liability
  • Recruitment campaigns aimed at engaging more people in governance, piloting different approaches in different regions.
  • A signposting system covering all the existing resources and services focused on governance
  • Producing new resources to fill gaps and meet needs.
  • A website and helpline covering all aspects of governance and trusteeship
  • New resources and support services for Chairs
  • Support for existing and emerging learning schemes for trustees e.g. networks and shadowing opportunities.
  • Promoting the 'Code of Governance for the Voluntary and Community Sector' and developing resources to help groups to use it.
  • Promoting and implementing the 'National Occupational Standards for Trustees'
  • Producing guidance on board assessment schemes
  • Providing training and support for development workers and others who provide services which include governance themes to front line VCOs.
  • Working with funders to build understanding and support for good practice in funding governance development.

Organisations, accountable body and staff

The hub consists of a Core Group that oversees its work, a small staff of 5, an Advisory Group, an Accountable Body (NCVO) and a Reference Group. 

The Head of Hub and Administrator are based at NCVO; Implementation Managers are based at partner organisations - Charity Trustee Networks in Guildford and Volunteering England in London. 

The Core Group is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the business plan and is made up of representatives from:

The Advisory Group advises and guides the Hub in its work by representing the views of those in the sector and bringing together those with an interest and expertise in governance. The function of the Reference Group is to allow people and organisations in the field to comment on the plans and performance of the hub.


The Hub has worked on the following priority tasks:

  • Commissioning the governance website, incorporating the portal for trustee recruitment and the signposting system as well as interactive facilities.
  • A monthly e-newsletter feeding back to the Hub’s Reference Group.
  • Commissioning new resource materials aimed at priority audiences and needs.
  • A baseline survey of governance to provide accurate data and evidence for future strategic development and evaluation.
  • Planning trustee recruitment campaigns
  • Researching the existing provision of learning and training for trustees and board members
  • Implementation of the 'National Occupational Standards for trustees and board members'
  • Promoting the 'Code of Governance for the Voluntary and Community Sector'
  • Making links with local, sub-regional and regional bodies to identify good practice which could be shared more widely and to scope needs and explore potential partnerships.


  • The 'Code of Good Governance' was published in July 05 and has been circulated extensively by the governance hub and its partner organisations. A short popular summary aimed at small and local organisations has also been produced and circulated widely. Feedback on the Hub is being collated, case studies sought and a review planned for 2006.
  • The 'National Occupational Standards', a joint project with the Workforce Hub, have been finalised. An implementation group carries forward the work of this project.

Project Partnerships

The Hub invites voluntary and community organisations to join them in project partnerships to strengthen trusteeship and governance.

In the second stage of its partnership programme the Hub wishes to work with organisations who provide the following services:

  • BME, faith based, rural, disability and young people’s organisations
  • Organisations providing support to governance advisers
  • Organisations providing support on recruiting trustees

You can work with the Hub in any of the following ways:

  • Hosting a workshop or event
  • Setting up a pilot project
  • Developing a new or revised support initiative for trustees
  • Developing a new or revised networks for advisers

The Hub can offer access to networks and marketing channels, funding to subsidise elements of projects and the opportunity to be part of shaping what the Hub does. They are looking for project partners who are committed to board and trustee development and willing to try new ideas and explore new projects.

If you are interested, please read the following document:

pointer Project Partnerships Framework - Stage 2 acrobat icon (72k)

The first round of the Project Partnership Scheme, completed in June 2006, secured 60 partners across England to deliver workshops and pilot new services and resources. The second phase of the scheme works with new partners to run activities from September 2006 to March 2007.

Business Plan, Key Documents and Links

pointer Governance Hub Business Plan acrobat icon 105k

pointer Good Governance: A Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector acrobat icon 265k

pointer National Occupational Standards (NOS)

pointer Governance Advisers Support Needs Analysis- Exec Summary acrobat icon 78k

Resources for VCS

  • The Governance Hub website contains an online database listing details of a wide range of governance resources, materials and services.
  • The publications produced by the Governance Hub contain tools, methods, case studies and examples of good practice.

Relationship of Hub activities with regional and local projects

  • The Hub aims to learn from and build on local and regional initiatives related to governance, promoting these or supporting their further development as appropriate.
  • The Hub staff have visited a number of regional, sub-regional and local organisations to present details of hub plans and listen to feedback.
  • As the Hub’s major strategies unfold, regional and local bodies are invited to bid for commissioned work and work in partnership with the Hub on selected projects.
  • More broadly, they are invited to take part in consultations, surveys and pilot projects, which are subsidised or funded by the Hub. All of these provide valuable data and information for those bodies as well as for the Hub itself.
  • Representative staff from regional and sub-regional bodies sit on the Hub’s reference group and advisory group.

Contact details and website

Head of Governance Hub

Jolanta Lasota
NCVO, Regent’s Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL
Tel: 020 7520 2514

Implementation Manager

Kathryn Burall-Stillman
Hosted by Volunteering England, Regent’s Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL
Tel: 020 7520 2517
Mob: 07921 700536

Pat Jones
Responsible for enhancing skills and knowledge of trustees
Hosted by Charity Trustee Networks, Crossweys, 28-30 High Street, Guildford, GU1 3EL
Tel: 01483 230289
Mob: 07921 700535

Sally Hiscock
Responsible for strengthening governance support services
Hosted by Charity Trustee Networks, Crossweys, 28-30 High Street, Guildford, GU1 3EL
Tel: 01483 230288
Mob: 07921 700534

Communications officer

Poonam Thapa
NCVO, Regent’s Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London, N1 9RL
Tel: 020 7520 2516

Hub Administrator

Anne Collart
NCVO, Regent’s Wharf, 8 All Saints Street, London, N1 9RL
Tel: 020 7520 2514


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