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The Volunteering Hub’s work is organised under the themes of: 1) strategy and management; 2) information dissemination, good practice and management development; 3) modernising infrastructure. Volunteering England is the accountable body.

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A report on 'A Sustainable Funding Framework for Volunteer Centres', produced by Northampton Volunteering Centre for the Volunteering Hub has identified the key factors affecting the cost and performance of volunteer centre services, identified the true cost of providing some of the services, and developed a formula that allocates resources at a local authority level and a number of possible delivery mechanisms.

The Management Development for Volunteer Centre Managers programme is being designed and the initial pilot for the programme will commence later this year. The Volunteering Hub are keen for involvement in the design phase and are asking five questions around the needs and aspirations of Volunteer Centre managers.

New Risk Management research has  found that fear of litigation and excessive risk management is causing a real barrier to volunteering.  Volunteering England is calling for excessive risk management to be challenged, arguing that it stops potential volunteers from coming forward.  A Risk Toolkit has been produced: How to take care of risk in volunteering: a guide for organisations.

The Learning Loops project aims to build the learning capacity of volunteer managers across England by setting up a cross sector network of locally-based groups. Local Learning Loops will be facilitated by voluntary Learning Advisors.

The Volunteering Hub is the principle sponsor of the Commission on the Future of Volunteering established by the England Volunteering Development Council. They have recently been engaged in a wide-ranging consultation on volunteering.

Introduction to the Volunteering Hub

Volunteering EnglandThe Volunteering Hub’s work is organised under three themes:

Strategy and management - The volunteering infrastructure must reach every community in the country. To do this, organisations from all parts of the volunteering and community sector must be fully involved in the Hub from the start. Our priority is to reach out beyond the existing membership of the organisations at the core of the Hub, and especially to include under-represented communities.

Information dissemination, good practice and management development - Our role at the Hub is to see our sector’s already excellent work in this area carried out in a more strategic, cohesive and consistent manner. There are many strands to the work planned, with a focus on researching and developing information resources and training strategies

Modernising infrastructure - Organisations in the voluntary and community sector have already done a great deal of work towards modernising the volunteering infrastructure. Our task is to create an infrastructure which is lean, robust and securely funded, locally, regionally and nationally.

Main Aims of the Volunteering Hub

  • To enable far more people to volunteer – many through employer-supported volunteering.
  • Volunteers to be more diverse and to include many more from under-represented groups such as rural communities, refugees and asylum seekers.
  • More volunteers to be more active where they are needed most, with organisations working in the most deprived communities.
  • All volunteers to be well managed and supported, so that they remain committed and motivated and continue to volunteer.

The Volunteering Hub will work to achieve the ChangeUp high level objective that by 2014 there will be a leaner, effectively-marketed and high-quality volunteering infrastructure, reaching, recruiting and placing a greater number and diversity of individuals, coupled with improved volunteer management.

How the Volunteering Hub delivers its aims

  • Improve the quality of volunteer management by developing a national training strategy for volunteer managers, linked to national occupational standards.
  • Make external accreditation easier and more cost-effective for organisations by promoting the Investing in Volunteer's standards.
  • Roll out a quality accreditation process – ensuring effectiveness and consistency everywhere.
  • Run a marketing campaign to encourage people to volunteer from every community.
  • Give access to a huge range of volunteering-related materials on good practice, funding, research and infrastructure by providing more information online.
  • Increase employer-supported volunteering in all sectors by developing a nationwide infrastructure and promoting national and regional networks and events.

Accountable body

Volunteering England is the accountable body for the activity of the Volunteering Hub.

Developments, Projects and Resources

Business Plan and Key Documents

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Contact details and website

Volunteering England
New Oxford House,
16 Waterloo Street,
Birmingham B2 5UG

Tel: 0121 633 5525

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