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Defra Infrastructure Investment

The infrastructure investment of Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), like that of ChangteUp, builds on work already begun, supporting stakeholders to come together locally, sub-regionally and regionally.


Defra logoChangeUp and Defra's infrastructure investment aims to catalyse change in the way infrastructure services are delivered and structured. In particular it seeks to encourage increased reach, effectiveness and sustainability as close to the point of need as is economically viable and in ways that secure the ownership and commitment of a diverse range of investors.

Building on work already begun in some parts of the country through early spend programmes, like ChangeUp, Defra's infrastructure investment supports stakeholders to come together locally, sub-regionally and regionally to:

  • Review capacity building needs and available support for frontline voluntary and community organisations in urban and rural areas
  • Agree action to better meet the needs of frontline organisations so that they can be more involved in planning and delivering public services and meeting the needs of communities, especially ensuring the needs of diverse and excluded communities and organisations are met
  • Plan for meeting gaps, overcoming weaknesses, improving reach, agreeing the level at which support is most appropriately delivered and clarifying responsibilities
  • Identifying means of improving sustainability and income regeneration
  • Cement relationships and develop protocols for joint working, building on existing work - for example setting out ways generalist and specialist providers might work better together.


pointer Evaluating the VCS Infrastructure Investment Programme (Mar 2005) Acrobat icon 424k

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