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National Projects

In addition to the national Hubs of expertise for key themes of ChangeUp, there are several national projects focusing on specific topics.

Public Services Priority Programme

The ChangeUp investment programme included an allocation of £4m to support the development of specialist voluntary and community sector infrastructure and targeted capacity building in 5 priority public service areas:

  • Older people's health and social care
  • Correctional Services
  • Ethnic Minority employment
  • Homeless hostel provision
  • Parenting support services

Relevant government departments have now developed programmes of work under each of these areas which have been agreed by Home Office ministers.


Partnership Improvement Programme

The Partnership Improvement Programme (PIP) was piloted between October 2005 and April 2006. These pilots developed an approach to more effective engagement and partnership between local councils and voluntary and community organisations. PIP is now being rolled out in three regions, funded by Capacitybuilders.


Defra Infrastructure Investment

The infrastructure investment of Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), like that of ChangteUp, builds on work already begun, supporting stakeholders to come together locally, sub-regionally and regionally.


Equality and Diversity Work Stream

Commissioned by the Home Office ACD, consultants Zahno Rao Associates have generated a clearly focused strategy paper on mainstreaming diversity. This identifies actions to turn the general commitment to diversity within ChangeUp into tangible results.

The strategy will ensure that groups such as Rural, BME and Faith organisations, which have not historically had equal access to support and representation, continue to benefit from the implementation of ChangeUp.



net:gain is an innovative programme, designed to bring about a step-change in the ICT capability of the VCS. Services will be offered to the sector through VCS UK-online centres. net:gain aims to help voluntary and community organisations to take a practical, appropriate and informed approach to ICT planning and support.

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