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spacerPublic Services Priority Programme

The ChangeUp investment programme included an allocation of £4m to support the development of specialist voluntary and community sector infrastructure and targeted capacity building in 5 priority public service areas:

  • Older people's health and social care
  • Correctional Services
  • Ethnic Minority employment
  • Homeless hostel provision
  • Parenting support services


Relevant government departments have now developed programmes of work under each of these areas which have been agreed by Home Office ministers.

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Clinks Regional Information and Skills Project (CRISP)

As part of the ChangeUp Public Service Delivery Programme work is underway to support the sector to be better equipped and resourced to deliver high quality services to offenders.

Clinks was established in 1998 to strengthen and develop the partnerships between voluntary and community-based organisations and the Prison and Probation Services in England and Wales. This continues to be the basis of their work with an additional strand that now focuses on developments relating to the introduction of the National Offender Management Services (NOMS).

Clinks’ work includes national policy development as well as regional and local partnership work. CRISP is the Clinks Regional Information and Skills Project which is based in the North-East, Yorkshire and the Humber and the East Midlands. The Project began in July 2005 and is part of ChangeUp’s Public Services Priority Programme.

The aims of CRISP are to develop specialist and generalist regional VCS infrastructure so that the sector is better equipped and resourced to deliver high quality services to offenders; to support frontline VCS organisations to improve both capacity and service delivery to offenders; to raise the awareness of and exploit the untapped potential that other mainstream VCS bodies may bring to working with offenders.

CRISP's activities in 2006 have included:

  • Weekly E-Bulletin - the light lunch
  • Three sub-regional conferences
  • Regional Information and Skills Events (RISEs)
  • Nine multi-secotr Action Learning Sets
  • Free training on Volunteering in the Community
  • Input into various NOMS, Prison and Probation Service and voluntary and community sector initiatives

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