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Continuation Fund

To maintain the momentum of ChangeUp during the transition to Capacitybuilders management, the government provided a Continuation Fund programme for local and regional activities of £7M for 2006-7.

Spiral StairsA continuation fund of £7m was put in place to avoid a break in funding for consortia and key projects from April 2006.

The government did not seek to pre-empt decisions that the Capacitybuilders board wish to make about the programme moving forwards but it recognised that to maintain momentum around ChangeUp work some early decisions on funding for 2006/2007 were required.

The government therefore agreed funding for the national hubs of expertise for 2006/2007 and that continuation funding should be put in place in the beginning of 2006 for local and regional activities for 2006/2007.


The objectives of the continuation fund are to:

  • maintain momentum within the ChangeUp programme;
  • ensure good practice and learning from work that has already commenced is not lost;
  • provide a platform of activity from which the Capacitybuilders agency can build. This will specifically include consortia continuing to be in place for the financial year 2006/2007.


Whilst the guidance allows for regional flexibility, the Active Communities Directorate (ACD) required that 'baseline' funding for consortia be in place to ensure consortia are able to continue to operate until the end of March 2007.  


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