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Administration and fund management of the ChangeUp programme is the responsibility of EM5 - the regional network of Community Foundations. Engage East Midlands support the engagement of the voluntary and community sector in the programme.

£5.7M has been allocated to projects via Consortia of Infrastructure Organisations, established in each of the 6 counties, with an additional Regional Consortium for broader issues.

Tel 0115 934 9528


Regional Manager: Kally Barot (07920 726 512)


ChangeUp in the East Midlands region

Robin HoodGovernment Office East Midlands are the overall programme lead, with responsibility for ensuring the programme adheres to the programme principles and operates within the programme guidance.

EM5 are now admistrators and fund mamagers for the programme, with responsibilities for existing and transitional funds, and for monitoring, reporting and evaluation of projects to Government Office for the East Midlands, Consortia, Funders and the emerging leadership board. EM5 are developing and co-ordinating the regional leadership board which will have a strategic overview of the programme.

The £5.7M has been allocated to projects via Consortia of infrastructure organisations, which were established in each of the East Midlands counties, with an additional Regional Consortium for the broader issues.

These Consortia drew up Infrastructure Investment Plans (IIP), and were allocated overall investment funds to implement projects that delivered specific desired IIP outcomes. These projects are currently ongoing.

VCS agents involved in regional management of ChangeUp

EM5 - From 1 Nov 2005 the responsibility for fund management and administration transferred to EM5 - the regional network of Community Foundations. Under the arrangement Nottinghamshire Community Foundation act as accountable body and service the regional Consortia.

Nottinghamshire Community Foundation
Cedar House, Ransom Wood Business Park, Southwell Road West, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG21 0HJ
Tel: 01623 620202 / 636365
Contacts: Susan Brown, Email:
                Rowena Naylor-Morrell, Email:

Engage East Midlands support the engagement of the voluntary and community sector in the programme: including preparing proposals for investment; supporting communication to the VCS and other stakeholders about programme implementation; sharing good practice within the sector and with other sector stakeholders; management of networking and programme events; liaison with and supply of monitoring updates to the Programme Manager (GOEM).

Nicola Wade - Partnership and Policy Director
Tel: 0115 934 9528

High Peak CVS manages and develops the East Midlands programme website Their brief includes the design, maintenance and updating of the site to develop it into a service resource for regional stakeholders and not just to provide programme information.

Tony Okotie
Tel: 01663 735 350

Consortia in East Midlands region

East Midlands ChangeUp logospacerDerbyshirespacer
Derbyshire Rural Community Council
Tel: 01629 821 921
Email: spacer

Voluntary Action Leicester, 0116 258 0666,

Lincolnshire Community Foundation
Tel: 01529 305 825

Emma Hagger, Consortium Office, 13 Derngate NN1 1TY
Tel: 01604 633115

joint lead agencies:
NAVO , Tel: 01623 651 170, Email:
and Nottingham CVS, Tel: 0115 934 8401, Email:

Regional spacer
Engage East Midlands
Tel: 0115 934 9530

Rutland spacer
Voluntary Action Rutland
Tel: 01572 722 622


115 projects totally £5.087m can be searched for using a Project Finder by keyword, area, organisation or type.

Cross-Regional Projects

14 regional projects are supported:

  • Accreditation of funding advice
  • Developing Sustainable Regional Support to Voluntary Youth Sector Organisations
  • Faith and Culture Hub
  • HR support social enterprise
  • Investors in Volunteers
  • Regional structure
  • Relocation feasibility
  • Rural VCS Hub
  • Seminar for regional stakeholders
  • Sharing Success
  • Supporting development of BME Infrastructure
  • Visioning
  • Volunteering
  • Workforce development

Relationship of projects with national projects / hubs

Consultation and networking events are held to bring people together around the key themes that are being addressed by more than one consortium. These seek to establish links with the national Hubs, raise awareness of work that is in progress and to promote benefits from sharing ideas and collaborative working.

Key Documents

pointer Full list of documents

pointer Document Finder for 220 files

pointer Structural Review of Regional VCS Infrastructure Provision in the East Midlands - Final Report (Jun 2006) acrobat icon 256k

pointer East Midlands ChangeUp Investment Programme Guidance For Applicants & Stakeholders (Jan 2005) Word logo 1.14Mb - sets out the process required to access ChangeUp Investment Programme funding, including all of the necessary forms and annexes.

pointer East Midlands ChangeUp Investment Programme Regional Investment Strategy (Jun 2005) Word logo 2.4Mb

pointer Capacitybuilders Regional Bulletin - East Midlands and East acrobat icon 58k

Resources for VCS

pointer Consortium Development Toolkit (2005) Acrobat icon 576k

Lead contact and website

Nicola Wade
Partnership and Policy Director
Engage East Midlands
Nottingham Voluntary Action Centre,
7 Mansfield Road, NottinghamNG1 3FB

Tel 0115 934 9528



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