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ChangeUp in the Regions

From the outset the regional ChangeUp programme was managed through the nine Government Offices in England. These devolved the management of aspects of the programme to various local VCS agencies. From April 2006 the management of the programme is through the Capacitybuilders agency, led by sector expertise.

Capacitybuilders have appointed eight Regional Coordinators, with link roles between Capacitybuilders and ChangeUp initiatives. They have been described by Simon Hebditch as ambassadors of Capacitybuilders and advocates of the voluntary and community sector.

Broadly, this translates into two key functions

  • Providing a communication link between Capacitybuilders, Consortia and other ChangeUp stakeholders
  • Working with stakeholders to maximise the impact of the ChangeUp programme and Capacitybuilders’ grants programme on a regional, sub-regional and local level.
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