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The South West ChangeUp investment programme is managed by a regional infrastructure steering group, which is an inclusive partnership of VCS organisations and the key funders.

GOSW has commissioned a support package through the two generic VCS infrastructure organisations, South West Forum and Black South West Network, designed to facilitate co-ordination and co-operation amongst all ChangeUp activities.

An intranet site provides detailed information on grants awarded, partnership contacts, steering group minutes, etc.

Regional Manager: Vernon Samuels (07920 7265509)

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ChangeUp in the South West region

Minack Theatre - CornwallIn the South West, a regional steering group was established made up of all of the VCS networks, funders and the Local Government Association, to derive and oversee the investment programme. The programme has a geographical structure of eleven consortia formed largely at county level. Over a larger area than county there are 14 projects covering the themed key high-level objectives such as workforce development, performance improvement, governance, equality strands and volunteer support.

The consortia are made up of VCS infrastructure organisations to determine the infrastructure needed to support front-line VCS organisations in developing and playing a vital role within communities. This they do by providing that second tier of advice to support those front-line VCS organisations in areas such as HR, funding, business start up, volunteering etc.

Uniquely GOSW has commissioned a support package through the two generic VCS infrastructure organisations, South West Forum and Black South West Network. This is designed to facilitate co-ordination and co-operation amongst all ChangeUp activities. Specific areas of support include mediation, diversity and inclusion, rural proofing, business planning and the development of the regional infrastructure strategy.

VCS agents involved in regional management of ChangeUp

Full decision-making authority was devolved by GOSW to the regional infrastructure steering group. This group is an inclusive partnership made of 32 organisations including the regional VCS networks such as South West Forum, Black South West Network, South West Acre Network (Network of rural community councils) and Equality South West (regional equality body).

Funders and statutory organisations are also represented and these include the Big Lottery Fund, Sport England, the Learning and Skills Councils and the Regional Development Agency.

Contact details for all these organisations can be obtained by contacting Victoria Zastava at Government Office for the South West on 0117 900 1835,

Consortia in South West region

There are 11 South West consortia: Bournemouth & Poole, Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Plymouth, Somerset, Torbay, West of England, Wiltshire/Swindon. The website has contact details for these.


Following the ‘Early Spend’ programme, where funds were made available to research and map the sector to uncover the extent of needs and identify gaps, the South West ChangeUp main Investment Programme aimed to catalyse improvement in the support available to voluntary and community organisations in the region.

It achieved this by supporting consortia and thematic projects through a ‘capacity building’ period. During this time VCS infrastructure organisations formed robust, collaborative partnerships to develop investment plans and a 10 year business plan, outlining the ways they sought to address gaps and meet the needs of the front-line VCS.

The total investment for the South West region was £5,070 million. Overall 96 projects were funded under ChangeUp, 82 consortia led and 14 regional thematic projects.

Relationship of South West projects with national projects / hubs

GOSW provides a clear message to hubs and consortia at all levels on the need to work with each other to ensure the future sustainability of the programme. Cross-sector regional consortia and thematics have begun to link with national hubs to bring together sub-regional and local infrastructure development plans organised at a regional level.

Many of the national hub leads have attended regional events, in particular a consultation event designed to facilitate a joined up approach to the development of the South West’s infrastructure strategy.

Key Documents, Resources and Links

pointer - this intranet site has all the information relating to the ChangeUp programme in the South West. The purpose of this intranet site is to facilitate information sharing between local, regional and national ChangeUp stakeholders. You do not need to become a member of the intranet to access information about the ChangeUp Programme in the South West. Public access to site information is achieved by entering through the "Enter as a Guest" access link located on the left margin of the site log in page.

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Lead contacts and websites

Government Office for the South West
Community Cohesion and Equality Team
2 Rivergate
Temple Quay

Dawn Woods – Policy Lead
Tel: 0117 900 1781

Vernon Samuels – Consortia Lead
Tel: 0117 900 3711

Victoria Zastava – Thematic Lead
Tel: 0117 900 1835


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