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There are four sub-regions for Yorkshire and the Humber, each allocated £1.1m for 2005/6. Yorkshire & Humber Regional Forum leads on the development of the Regional Infrastructure Development Plan. 57 projects are being undertaken within the total budget of £5.4m. Sub-regional and regional consortia manage and coordinate individual projects.

Tel: 0113 283 4602


Regional Coordinators: Neil Bennett and Sandra Beighton

Web: Yorkshire & the Humber Regional Forum

ChangeUp in Yorkshire and the Humber region

Humber BridgeYorkshire and the Humber has four sub-regions, each with an Infrastructure Investment Plan - all agreed by May/June 2005, although with a few specific activities to be re-submitted.  Each sub-region had an allocation of £1.1 million for 2005-6.

The Yorkshire & Humber Regional Forum was commissioned by Government Office (GOYH) to lead on the development of the Regional Infrastructure Development Plan, which was agreed in early September 2005.  The allocation for regional activities was £750,000.

Other regional activity was commissioned by GOYH and includes: a VCS full-time secondee to work in Government Office on the ChangeUp programme; a secondee from Churches Regional Commission to support inter-faith work for 1 day per week; and a consultant to advise consortia and project lead agencies on monitoring and evaluation (2 days per week).  Additional work has been commissioned to provide support around BME, Faith and Rural engagement.

VCS agents involved in regional management of ChangeUp

Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Forum

Suite D10, Joseph's Well
Hanover Walk
Leeds LS3 1AB



Consortia in Yorkshire and the Humber region

The Humber
Eastern rural area with coastal fishing towns and main urban area of Hull.
Accountable Body: Humberside Learning Consortium,
Goodwin Centre, Icehouse Road, Hull HU3 2HQ.
Contact: Brenda Sims, Tel: 01382 327836

North Yorkshire
Large, diverse rural sub-region with coastal tourist resorts, Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire Moors, numerous market towns and City of York.

Accountable Body: North Yorkshire Forum for Voluntary Organisations,
Unit S, Alanbrooke Industrial Park, Station Road, Topcliffe, Thirsk YO7 3SE.

Contact: Neil Irving (Chief Officer), Tel: 01845 578228
Email: or
Web: (ChangeUp page)

South Yorkshire
Industrial, urban sub-region bordering Peak National Park, consisting of four metropolitan districts of Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster.

Accountable Body: South Yorkshire Open Forum,
The Ladder, Maltkiln Street, Rotherham S60 2HY.

Contact: Sue North (Executive Director), Tel: 01709 519 100
Web: (ChangeUp pages)

West Yorkshire
Mixed urban and rural sub region, bordered on north by Dales National Park and south by Peak National Park.  Consists of five metropolitan districts of Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield with largest and most diverse minority ethnic population of all sub-regions.

Accountable Body: Charities Information Bureau,
93 Lawefield Lane, Wakefield WF2 8SU

Contact: Heather Stephenson (Deputy Chief Officer), Tel: 01924 239063


Regional:   9 projects - £1,170,906 (+ participation costs)

West Yorkshire: 12 projects - £1,032,483 (+ admin)

South Yorkshire: 15 projects - £1,099,364 (+ admin)

North Yorkshire:  16 projects - £1,031,941

Humber: 5 projects - £1,113,959

Total number of projects in the Yorkshire and Humber region:  57 projects

Total Yorkshire & Humber investment: £5,448,653

Process of investment:  via investment plans drawn up by regional and sub-regional consortia and agreed by GOYH.  Funding released to accountable body (sub-regional consortia) and Regional Forum (regional consortium) quarterly on receipt of quarterly claim/progress report.  Sub-regional and regional consortia manage and coordinate individual projects.

pointer Projects Update (Feb 2006) Word icon 88k

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Cross-Regional Projects

As well as the Regional Infrastructure Development Plan:

  • Member of VCS seconded into GOYH to lead on ChangeUp (in progress)
  • Consultant recruited to work on monitoring and evaluation arrangements (in progress)
  • Race Equality Framework developed and currently being piloted by consortia (in progress)
  • Faith support officer seconded into GOYH to work regionally (in progress)
  • Rural Policy officer recruited to work regionally  (in progress)
  • ChangeUp regional showcase event (planned)
  • Full-cost recovery workshop (planned)

ChangeUp is enabling the partner organisations of the Community Alliance (Development Trusts Association, bassac, Community Matters and Scarman Trust) to pool their resources at regional level in order to deliver enhanced services to the community organisations and individuals who make up their networks. More details in Issue 4 of the ChangeUp Quarterly Newsletter - Acrobat acrobat icon (79k) or Word word icon (244k) formats

Relationship of projects with national projects / hubs

Race Equality Framework informed and links with national ChangeUp Diversity Strategy.

No contact from Hubs.

Business Plan & Key Documents

pointer Regional Infrastructure Development Plan (Oct 2005) Acrobat icon 318k

pointer Regional Forum - Infrastructure Development Publications - policy documents, reports, toolkits, research

Resources for VCS

pointer ChangeUp Race Equality Framework (Aug 2005) Acrobat icon 158k

pointer Consortium Development Toolkit (2005) Acrobat icon 576k

Lead contact and websites

Neil Bennett
Co-ordinator (ChangeUp)
Community Policy and Programmes
Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber
East Wing, 12th Floor
City House
New Station Street
Leeds LS1 4US

Tel: 0113 283 4602


Web: Yorkshire & the Humber Regional Forum

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